Minitab Corporation –

My favourite text editor –  – if you edit Minitab macros you should check out this editor.  Here is my look at this editor: EditPadPro Review (PDF)

Check out the EditPadPro website for the file navigation scheme for Minitab that I have uploaded.; Check out the EditPadPro website for the syntax colouring scheme for Minitab that I have uploaded)

A Minitab Primer –

A Minitab Resources Web Page –

A Minitab University Stats Course –

Your first macro guide –

How to use macros in Minitab –

Macro Basics –

Another Guide to Minitab –

A Minitab Intro including Exec files –

The source of Data for my Wind Power sample graphs –

Pi Estimation by Cannonball Method:

Weibull Distribution References: (including Weibull vs “Bathtub” curve) (with links to many other references)

A page with links to Minitab PDF guides –

Other Minitab / Six Sigma / Quality Improvement Consultants:



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  1. Photoshop discontinued their web access so you need to go to my website to view Minitab 16 Macros and soon to be released Minitab 17 features.

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